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How to make ginger tea for weight loss

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#ginger tea for weight loss

Benefits of ginger tea for weight loss

1. Promote digestion

Ginger tea promote digestion. It restricts the appetite and maintains cholesterol levels under control. Drinking a cup of ginger tea every day will help prevent overweight and stimulate digestion. Drinking ginger tea for weight loss is a easy weight loss tips.
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Benefits of ginger tea for weight loss
Benefits of ginger tea for weight loss

2. Adjust the concentration of Cortisol

Cortisol is the primary stress hormone. That is one reason excess belly fat.
The scientists of the journal Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences has stated that ginger tea can inhibit the synthesis of the hormone cortisol.

3. Provide additional energy

These beverages help add energy for your body. More energy, you will feel more comfortable. Also, the ability to exercise will increase, thus helping you burn more calories and helps to lose weight effectively. Just drinking a cup of ginger tea for about 15 minutes before practicing, that will help to accelerate the process of burning calories.

Formula 1: Ginger tea with hot water

Ginger tea with hot water
Ginger tea with hot water
This recipe is very simple. You just put a slice of fresh ginger in a cup of hot water. Then you wait about 30 minutes to extract from ginger soaked in water, at which water has cooled down. Drinking this tea cup 20 minutes before each meal. You will feel that you want to eat less, feel full stomach while in a long time period.

Formula 2: lemon ginger tea for weight loss

lemon ginger tea for weight loss
lemon ginger tea for weight loss
You cut about half of ginger, scrape the crust, put in a glass of hot water, add 60 grams remove mint leaves and a little cardamom powder (bought in stores materials for bread). Wait for the material soaked in a glass of water for about 30 minutes, then filtering out the pulp. Mix 250ml glass of tea with lemon juice and 80ml orange juice. Wait for the water to cool before drinking truth, can be divided into two doses, within days. 

Regularly drinking mint tea with ginger juice will help you add a lot of vitamin, helps you exercise more, burn calories at a higher rate and especially help beautify the skin. The combination of orange and lemon in a cup of ginger tea will enhance the antioxidant, especially good for people suffering from weight gain due to the volume of water in the body. Using lemon ginger tea for weight loss is so safe for your health.

Formula 3: honey and ginger tea for weight loss

honey and ginger tea for weight loss
honey and ginger tea for weight loss
You mix one cup of green tea as normal, and then you add a teaspoon of minced ginger, add a teaspoon of honey and add a slice of fresh lemon. This tea can be used to drink before exercising, help you feel refreshed and energetic. Effective burn calories and lose belly fat will be higher than the normal exercise times without taking extra ginger tea. The four ingredients in this formula, is green tea, ginger, honey and lemon, are stimulating the process of reducing fat and toxins from the body. So this tea cup can be viewed as a panacea for weight loss quickly, safely.

You can combine all 3 formulas to drink during the day, or apply alternating, help create the excitement, tastes change. Note: you must not add sugar in the recipe, sugar will easily make you feel full belly, also reduces the fat burning effects. Drinking ginger tea regularly will help you have a good resistance in winter, the body also feels more comfortable, not tired, not afraid to exercise in cold weather. Pungency of ginger tea also helps you control your diet more seriously, do not eat too much, to maintain a good lifestyle. If you do not like the taste of ginger, you can dilute the tea with more water, reduce spicy hot, at the same time stimulate the body to drink enough water, helps purify toxins, the support lasts stomach satiety, reduce appetite. The combination of ginger with simple ingredients like green tea, orange, lemon, honey also helps to strengthen the immune system, supports skin youthful, smooth, not parched in the winter. But remember, only 3 cups of ginger tea every day is not enough, you still have to drink enough at least 2 liters of water per day, to supply water and moisture to the body.

Note: In the process of reducing belly fat, you can add ginger tea daily diet, increasing exercise to lose weight effectively. According to experts, ginger helps stimulate metabolism, helping the body burn calories faster. Specifically, ginger also helps you quickly feel full belly, so will eat less, demand reduced calorie absorption. Also, ginger also helps cleanse the digestive system, avoid being bloating, indigestion, so you'll see your waistline quickly become slimmer. With 3 ginger tea for weight loss recipes, you just can promote health, reduce risk of respiratory and gastrointestinal tract in winter, just accelerate the reduction of abdominal fat, more confidence when selecting Clothing styles trendy clothes new years eve.

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